Regalo Easy Step Walk Through Gate, White

Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate, White

The Regalo walk through pet gate is ideal for use if you want to keeps your kids safe or maybe you want to use it for your pets. It is very simple to set up and operates easily. It can fit openings from 29” up to 40” and it is 31” high so ideal for all types of doorways and stair openings. It has a walk through section that is effortlessly opened by lifting a simple level with just one touch. It is made from durable steel and coated in white so visually pleasing to the eye. The affordable price means that many people often purchase 2. Comes with FREE SHIPPING and FREE RETURNS so no need to worry if for any reason it is not suitable.


  1. Pet gate makes you comfortable inside the house while your kids at the living room. That's why i bought one for my kids safety and it's so affordable.

  2. I agree that a pet gate is essential if you have small kids in the house. The other thing I like about pet gates is the freedom to come and go that it gives an animal. Bit like a teenager being given the front door keys :-)