Walk Through Pet Gate

KidCo G15 White Center Gateway with Walk Through Pet Gate
This walk through pet gate is different from most other gates in that it does not actually attach to walls or openings with screws and brackets. It uses pressure mounted fixings that hold the gate in place. Because it is not permanently fixed it is advisable not to use it on stairs as it would not be secure enough. This ideally should be used across doorways or openings from 29.25” up to 39.5”, however optional extension kits are available that will extend the gate to 49”. Made from strong tubular steel with the center walk-through section opening in any direction.


  1. yeah i liked This walk through pet gate. it would help to maintained home decoration bcoz it's not fixed, Thanks dog poop

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  3. Pet gates are not only great and placed primarily in your pets. They may be utilized as safety gates to your little kids. The gates will also be used to essentially separate the pet from you and your.